McDonnell looks to future after snubbing trainer offer

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JAMIE McDonnell has declined the opportunity to switch trainers ahead of the biggest fight of his career.

The Doncaster bantamweight treble champion has reached success with the training duo of former fighter Stefy Bull and Dave Hulley at their Empress Ballroom gym in Mexborough but had been advised to try out the training techniques of Nigel Benn’s former trainer Kevin Sanders in Peterborough.

After some deliberation McDonnell, aged 25, has decided to stay put.

He told The Star: “It was an idea put forward by my management but there’s no need for me to go anywhere. Doncaster is where I’m from. My identical twin brother Gavin trains here and so do my mates.

“This is where I’m happy. A winning fighter is a happy fighter. When I was in Las Vegas (at the WBC conference) it was something that was mentioned but I never had any intention of moving gyms and I hope the matter’s settled now.”

However, McDonnell’s manager Dennis Hobson and his father have said the boxer still needs to improve his defence. Hobson has expressed his concern at the amount of punches McDonnell is taking during fights.

McDonnell’s bout with French-Algerian Malik Bouziane at Doncaster Dome has been put back until March 10. His European belt will be at stake and the fight will be considered a world title eliminator.