Knockout performance in Jamie McDonnell’s own words...

Action from Jamie McDonnell v Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat
Action from Jamie McDonnell v Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat

Jamie McDonnell talks over his successful world title challenge against Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat at Wembley Stadium.

“After the first round I was sat in the corner thinking it was easy.

“He kept picking it up a little bit with every round. He was probably waiting for me to tire and he kept just coming and coming.

“But I felt in control, just poking those shots out. It was just hit and move.

“I felt a bit lazy with the jab. I didn’t think it was working so well so I let is slide. But the back hand was coming in good. I was hitting him with the right hand and moving. It felt easy.

“He’s knocked plenty of kids out but I only really felt any power from him once.

“I landed a body shot down the middle and thought I’d hurt him so I went in with my arms up and he poked me one back. He knew he’d hurt me.

“Other than that I never felt anything other than his head which was swinging about a lot.

“He was faster on his feet than I thought he would be. He kept closing me down.

“When I kept skipping around the edge of the ring he couldn’t set his feet.

“I was surprised by the knockout. I’m not a banger but I just caught him flush and he went down. It was a great feeling.

“I was just thinking to myself, I hope he doesn’t get up. If he’d have got up then I was ready to give it to him but the referee waved it off.

“I jumped on the ropes but I just didn’t know what to do. Normally when you stop someone you’re building up, throwing shots and it comes. The adrenaline’s all there. But there wasn’t with this one, there was no burst of excitement.

“There was more relief in the end than anything because of the pressure I’d put on myself.

“To be a part of that night at Wembley, with that many people, was amazing. It’ll probably not sink in until I retire, looking back and thinking I won a world title on that night.”