Grassroots: Doncaster Veterans Snooker round-up - Doubles League

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Week one of the Doncaster Veterans League of the Doubles League saw Barnby Dun beat Bentley Top Club 2-1, writes league secretary John Mitchell.

The opening frame was Jack Hinsley and Jim Richardson against Phil Spencer and Henry Morris. It was the visitors who took the frame 42–61.

The second frame was Jack Richardson and Malc Slack against Pete Spencer and Tommy Collins. Tommy redeemed himself from last week when he potted his way to victory 23–53.

The last frame was Alf Hinsley and Ken Acornley against Baz Deakes and George Varley. The home team salvaged a point with a good win 77–42.


Bentley West End 3 Hawthorn Social 0

The opening frame was Dave Holland and John Cunningham against Eric Fairham and Yours Truly. The visitors got off to a good start, but it was the home team took the frame 61–37.

The next frame was Rob Savory and John Cooper against Rob Scott and Dennis Robinson. This was the frame of the tie with some excellent potting. The visitors needed the Pink for the game which was missed twice and then they lost out to a black ball game 58–50. The last frame was Willy Moore and John Cooper against Stuart France and Eric Fairham. Willy potted some good shots to win 65–23.

Hatfield Main 3 Catholic Club 0

The first frame was Stuart Elland and Derrick Jennings against Brian Thompson and Charlie Morgan.

The home team had a comfortable win in this frame 57–6. The next frame was Tony Lanni and Brian Blaydon against Hughie Gurami and John Parkinson.

This was a close game but the visitors were still no match for the home team 50–13. The last frame was Billy Whitehurst and Mally Robson against Bill Collinson and Brian Thompson. Despite Billy not being left a shot the game went to the black ball which went to the home team 48–42.

Intake Social 0 Trades Club 3

The opening frame was Alan Leedale and Tony Rothwell against Alan Dykes and Brian Hoole.

The Trades took the lead and held it throughout the game to win 43–67. The next frame was Ron Clarke and Roy Lee against Dave Steer and Eric Bint. The game was nip and tuck until Dave potted green to pink for the frame 32–50.

The last frame was Pete Hey and Alan Bacon against Doug Crich and Laurance Torn. This was one way traffic for the Trades with a victory of 10–52.


Hyde Park Warriors 0 Hyde Park Club 3

Who would have the bragging rights at the end of the match? The opening frame was Ian Samways and John Pybus against John Orwin and Jimmy Wynne.

This was a close game which went to the Club 47–59.

The second frame was Clive Bulbeck and Trevor Parker against Malc Rushby and Rod Laver.

The Warriors lost out again as Malc potted well 35–56.

The last frame was Phil Rushton and Fran Crusack against Graham Archer and Cliff Cooke.

The Club completed a whitewash over the Warriors after another close frame 30–40.

Woodlands Snooker 0 Askern Welfare 3

The opening frame was Derrick Betts and Gordon Richardson against Eric Law and Dennis Clayton.

The visitors won this tight frame 27 – 36. The second frame was Ernie Woods and Albert Bingham against Derrick Honeybone and Alan Watson. The visitors had a comfortable win 28 – 63. The last frame was Roy Booth and Derrick Betts against Nigel Moody and Derrick Honeybone. The home team were well beaten in this frame 5–51.

Woodlands Rhinos 2 White Hart Askern 1

The first frame was Richard Fardell and Paul Teague against Terry Green and Ian Smith. The game went to the wire which the home team won on a black ball 52–50.

Frame 2 was Alan Tasker and Wilf Coulter against Ian Humble and Percy Humble. The visitors took the frame to level the match 23–37. The deciding frame was Paul Grace and Bob Buxton against Tony Walker and Sock Armstrong. The home team played a good solid game to win 44–20.

Scawthorpe Social 3 Rostholme Social 0

The opening frame was Barry Deakin and Pete McGill against Tommy Pearce and Richie Orton. The home team were first out of the blocks with this win 66 – 31. The next frame was Les Seymour and Dave Cooper against Paul Mills and Roy Buxton. The visitors gave a good account but lost out again 64 – 47. The last frame was Jim Seymour and Pat McHale against Tony Arthur and Ken Rutley. The home team had a comfortable win 45–19.