Gavin McDonnell ready to get back on world title hunt

Gavin McDonnell
Gavin McDonnell

Gavin McDonnell is relishing the prospect of a return to the big fight stage following his low-key return to action last weekend.

McDonnell coasted to a six round points win over Lithuanian journeyman Simas Volosinas in a ticking-over bout at The Dome.

Coming just four months after he challenged for the WBC super bantamweight title, it was a rather bizarre sight for the 31-year-old to be involved in the type of contest usually reserved for an up-and-comer.

But McDonnell should not be out of the spotlight for too long with talks already underway regarding potential big fights in September.

“I know they started talking last week so that added a bit more pressure going into the fight last weekend,” he told the Free Press.

“I want to get back to the world level as quickly as I can and the fights they’re talking about would do that for me.

“I don’t want to mention any names because I don’t want to jinx it. That’s happened to me before.

“But it’s exciting stuff and I’m ready to get straight back on it in the gym.”

Before he returns to training with Dave Coldwell, McDonnell will head to Cyprus for a family holiday.

He had hoped to get a few sparring sessions in with world champion brother Jamie before the end of the week but a pair of cuts from his clash with Volosinas put paid to that – something he puts down to the perils of taking such a fight.

“There’s always a chance that’ll happen I suppose but I was a bit frustrated with it,” he said.

“I ended up with a stitch in my nose and four on my eye so I can’t do anything in the gym until I get back off holiday.

“It’s not a big issue but I’ve got the bit between my teeth and wanted to get straight back on it.”

It may have been his lowest stakes fight in five years but McDonnell admits he had more than a few nerves as his bout with Volosinas approached.

He said: “I was surprised by how nervous I was. It was probably the most nervous I’ve ever been for a fight.

“I felt that pressure to put on a show for the fans who’d supported me for a long time. I put a lot into this homecoming.

“But there was also everything that was at stake. I couldn’t slip up or get injured or anything daft like that.

“I don’t think many fighters at my level would have took this fight. It was little money, nothing at stake. Most would have seen it as a waste of time.

“But I wanted to keep busy and give something back at the same time.

“I’ve got through it and now it’s all about ploughing on and getting another world title fight.”