FREE PRESS FOCUS: Our man Paul Goodwin gets bowled over at Doncaster Indoor Bowling Club

Paul Goodwin tries his hand at Bowling. Picture: Marie Caley D2862MC
Paul Goodwin tries his hand at Bowling. Picture: Marie Caley D2862MC
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AS far as my own embarrassing sporting moments are concerned, this was way up with the best of them.

After watching enviously as seasoned bowler Harry Guttridge rolled his first wood effortlessly up to the Jack, the assembled crowd at Doncaster Indoor Bowling Club looked on with interest.

So up I stepped. Not exactly trembling with fear, but keen to make a good impression on Harry, the club manager.

And so I sent down my first bowl.

Too heavy.

But not only that, it veered off in completely the wrong direction!

Now I knew there would be a certain competitive element at the Hexthorpe-based bowls centre - home to more than 300 members from across South Yorkshire and beyond - but I wasn’t bargaining for what followed.

“The sticker’s on the wrong side of that bowl,” said Harry. “You’ve held it the wrong way.”

“You’ve stitched me up right good and proper,” I replied.

Harry just laughed.

My complete incompetence, of course, had nothing to do with Harry.

It acted as an ice-breaker though, as I immediately felt at home and welcome at the biggest indoor bowls centre within a 17-mile radius.

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