First  competitive BMX race at Balby Carr School track. Grant Hill.  Picture: Malcolm Billingham D0755MB
First competitive BMX race at Balby Carr School track. Grant Hill. Picture: Malcolm Billingham D0755MB

Name: Grant Hill

Age: 19

Lives: Balby

Sport/discipline: Cycling, BMX

Team: British Cycling

Coach: Mick Matthews

Mick has helped me massively in the gym with technique and mental preparation. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help and support.

Ranking: European number 7

Personal bests: Qualified 46th in the World Championships last month. This is my first year as a pro so it was really good for me to get in the top 64 out of 175 men.

Occupation: Full time athlete

Honours: Finished 12th in the Junior World Championships. British and national champion in 2010.

Career highlight: Winning the British and National Championships in 2010 and qualifying for the World Championships last month.

Career lowlight: Breaking my collar bone in January for the fifth time and missing a lot of the season.

Ambition in sport: To do the best I can. If I do that I can’t be disappointed with myself.

Current training schedule: Train six times a week doing gym work, sprints, track work and recovery.

Sporting hero: Roy Keane

Biggest influence on your sporting career: My family. They have been a massive help. Graham Pope also encouraged me to go to the big races when I wasn’t on the British Cycling team.

Who are your main rivals? Everyone that I race against!

What are hopes for London 2012 as an event? I hope people enjoy the BMX. I think they’ll love it. Anything can happen - there’s always crashes!

Interests, hobbies away from sport: I love going to football when I’m not racing or training, and seeing family and friends.

One thing you can’t live without: My bike.

Advice for youngsters involved in sport: Just try and have fun, whatever sport you’re involved in.

Life after sport - what alternative career do you have in mind? I haven’t really thought that far ahead, but I think i would love to go into the coaching side and give something back to the sport.

Favourite TV: Football channels

Favourite film: Law Abiding Citizen

Favourite food: Pasta and chicken

Favourite music/band: Faithless, Insomnia - it’s my time trial song so I’ve got to love it!