Dennis Hobson boxing column: Jamie McDonnell would have been better off with me

Happier days: 2013 picture ofJamie McDonnell with his then promoter Dennis Hobson
Happier days: 2013 picture ofJamie McDonnell with his then promoter Dennis Hobson

Your previous problems with Jamie McDonnell are well documented. Is your relationship broken forever?

I’ve still some legal got issues with Jamie. I’ve never had a wrong word with him but I still think, even after his last performance when he got a close decision against Japan’s Kameda, he’d have been a few fights forward with me. He’d have been in unification fights before, because he still held the IBF world title when he was with me. And he’d have been getting good money. He’d have got good money for his last fight, but he’d have been getting good money with me and there was no need to go with Eddie Hearn. We had big fights lined up here and in the States working with Golden Boy. He’d have been wealthier than he is now.

Sam Sheedy was injured in an incident in a pub - how far can a promoter go to cotton wool a boxer?

All you can do is talk to them to a degree about how to conduct themselves, that they’re professional athletes. But you can’t stop them socialising, and this was just a freak situation. He wasn’t out with a gang of lads putting pints down his neck. It was the wrong place at the wrong time. You can’t wrap them up in cotton wool, otherwise they’ll end up like a flower that doesn’t see the sunlight! Sam has a great attitude and is so likeable. He has no ‘edge’ about him, he’s friendly with a permanent smile on his face.

How is the hunt for an American deal going for Waleed Din?

Waleed needs a title to get a platform. I’ll get him on in America when the timing is right; we’ve already spoken to people about it. Waleed can box at light-fly as well as flyweight and in the States and Asia that’s where the major titles are. That will all come, but we need to get hold of a title first, make a statement and consolidate with a few fights. He’ll make that statement in his next fight [the vacant Commonwealth flyweight title fight against Thomas Essomba on October 17; Magna]. It will tell us where he’s at and if he makes a statement then we’ll know he’s as good as we think he is. Essomba is a tough fight, it’s 50-50 and if Waleed comes through then we’re on the right track for the international scene.

Richard Towers fights again next month - how do you rate him?

I’m not sure about Richard. I like him and he works hard but he reminds me of David Price. He can whack but he’s vulnerable if he takes one.I hope it comes off for him but he got exposed [against Lucas Browne] and I don’t know what he’s been doing different.

The heavyweight division has become a lot more competitive with some quality fighters and I don’t think he’s in the top five or six. He might do well to fight David Price and see who comes out on top.

How do you see Joshua v Cornish going?

I think Joshua will stop him. Gary is a hard worker and it’s a good opportunity for him.

Hopefully it’ll be a good fight and it’s a bit more of a test for Joshua because Gary will come with some ambition as long as he doesn’t get fazed by all the hype. Gary is not the hardest to hit though, not the slickest of fighters, he can fight at a good pace but I think Joshua has the tools to hurt Gary and stop him in five or six rounds.