David Allen thinks fitness will be key in Dillian Whyte war

David Allen
David Allen

David Allen has warned Dillian Whyte he needs to be ready for 12 hard rounds when they clash for the vacant WBC International Heavyweight title at the Frist Direct Arena in Leeds on July 30, live on Sky Sports.

Allen took the clash with Whyte at three weeks’ notice but the Doncaster man is not concerned about a lack of fitness – saying that he is the naturally fitter man and it is the Brixton banger that needs to make sure he has grafted in the gym in order to stay with the pace Allen will set.

“Dillian can have all the time in the world to prepare but it doesn’t matter,” said Allen. “I come from a track and field and football background – I am a fit man. No heavyweight in the country bar Joshua can me match me for fitness.

“If Dillian is world class and can do 12 rounds at a pace, I’m up against it – he’s bigger than me, stronger than me, punches harder than me and is probably a better boxer, but if he can’t do 12 rounds at a pace then I am going to beat him.

“I’m not the biggest guy in the world but he’s got to be able to do 12 three minute rounds with me because I am not going to go anywhere.

“Say what you want about me, I’ll be in his face for 12 rounds at a pace – and Dillian is bang in trouble if he cannot do that.

“I’m not a Floyd Mayweather – I haven’t got the fancy tricks. I will be putting it all on the line, heart and soul, for 12 rounds at a high pace – it’s going to be a hard, hard for both of us.

“I’m going to let my hands go but I’m not a fancy dan. It’s going to be a rough and tough war, and he needs to be ready.”

Allen dismissed concerns that the short notice could cost him on the night as he enters his first fight under new trainer Dom Ingle.

“People are saying it’s come too soon and that I’m not ready for this, but when an opportunity comes along, you have to take it,” he said.