Contract is still valid says Board of Control after Hobson challenges McDonnell claims of a split

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The British Boxing Board of Control insists the managerial contract between Jamie McDonnell and Dennis Hobson “remains valid” - despite the fighter claiming he’s parted company with his handler.

The Star reported that McDonnell had severed ties with Hobson. The Sheffielder has disputed the version presented by McDonnell, insisting all agreements between himself and McDonnell remain in force, a point confirmed by the BBBoC. General secretary Robert Smith says the Board has yet to receive a complaint from McDonnell.

Smith said: “The contract is still in place. Mr McDonnell has made no complaint against Mr Hobson. It states in the contract that should anyone wish to dispute the contract, they must make a submission to the Board who will take a decision. We will be organising a hearing soon.” Smith confirmed Hobson has made a complaint over McDonnell’s conduct.