Clash of the big men is off the cards

Dave Allen
Dave Allen

The potential blockbuster all-Doncaster heavyweight clash between Dave Allen and Carl Spencer is off the cards.

Bentley fighter Spencer has rejected the bout as he feels he could not get into prime condition in the nine weeks before the September 6 fight night at the Dome.

The news came as a disappointment to promoter Stefy Bull who was desperate to make the fight and had lined up the Central Area heavyweight title as a prize.

“I’m really disappointed about this news and particularly at Carl’s reaction to all this,” Bull said. “I just wanted to make a massive fight and I did my job as a promoter by checking interest online.

“But not only has Carl rejected it, he’s been a bit out of order in the way he’s done it.

“He’s been quite abusive on social media. It’s not the way a pro fighter should be acting.

“I don’t know whether I’ve offended him or something but I’ve only done my job.

“I’ve spoken to his manager and his trainer and both of them want the fight as does Dave Allen. It’s just a shame that Carl doesn’t.

“He says he’s not in the right condition but he looks ok when he’s putting up pictures of him sparring Dereck Chisora.”

Bull has now offered to make the fight for his next Dome show in late November.