Butterwick lead the billiards league

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WEST Butterwick B had a victorious trip beating Epworth A to put them back at the top of the billiards table.

It is all to play for in the league with just 11 points separating six teams at the top and only four matches left to play.

West Butterwick B are now in pole position after defeating Epworth A by five points to 15.

Westwoodside recorded and outstanding victory over Owston Ferry A, beating the visitors by 17 points to five.

Scunthorpe were downed at Beckingham, losing eight points to 16 in the 14th week of fixtures.

Owston Ferry C were also undone against Epworth B, who won by 15 points to 10.

Sharing the spoils with 12 points apiece were Owston Ferry B and Misterton B.

The high breaks recorded this week include: P Brelsford 21, P Snow 21, J Ash 22, C Bilton 23, G Haggard 30, A Fox 36, B Hoole 47, and D Palmer 32, 32, 41.

Results for individual competitions are: Senior Individual: C Lewis 199 A Fowler 300, N Davison 300 L Torn 234.

Les Cobb Trophy: T Bee 200 A Hunt 190, J Cross 193 M Proudley 200.

Over 60s Handicap: T Bee 95 A Fox 150.

Open Handicap: J Cross 132 A Fowler 150, D Garner 143 D Poulter 150, C Thompson 128 M Clayton 150.