Bowls: Epworth prepare for Brigg and Everton tests

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Epworth Bowls Club have released their squads for four matches this week, starting with Brigg on Tuesday.

Here are this week’s squads:


Division One v Brigg (h) - start 6pm

E Jewison, C Brumby, K Holborn, D Birks, G Chapman, P Staveley, C Hall, G Hackney, E Mellors, R Moore, J Wood, R Westby.

Pensioners v Everton (a) - 2pm

A Bull, K Hendry, R Cross, J Booth, K Smith, B Norriss.


Division Four v Burton Stather (h) - start 6pm

J Wood, J Seal, T Cole, L Seal, C Hall, R Westby, A Bull, R Cross, E Jewison, K Holborn, D Birks, T Burkhill.


Isle League v Beckingham (a) - meet 5.15pm

J Seal, L Seal, T Burkhill, J Wood, R Westby, R Cross, A Bull, T Cole, S Burkhill.