Angling: Latest from Lindholme, Stainforth, Sykehouse, Bank End, Woodhouse Grange

At Bank End Farm Fishing Ponds is Allan Barker (sponsored by Garbolino Elton) from Sheffield.  (Buy this photo D1837TS) Picture: Tony Saxton
At Bank End Farm Fishing Ponds is Allan Barker (sponsored by Garbolino Elton) from Sheffield. (Buy this photo D1837TS) Picture: Tony Saxton

Garbolino Lindholme has been in good form of late.

A total of 51 anglers fished the Saturday open on Bonsai and Oasis lake, which was won by Dale Sheppard (Maver) from peg 60 on Oasis.

He fished pellet and corn on the pole for 115-13-0 of mainly carp.

Tom Pickering (Preston Innovations) was on 81 on Bonsai and caught 96-15-0 of carp and silvers on pole and caster for second.

Third placed Harry Bignall (Sunbeds Direct) 92-14-0 was followed by 4 Steve Dyson (Garbolino Lindholme) 91-11-0, 5 A Twist (Lindholme) 90-2-0.

Sunday’s open was fished on Laurels and Loco by 49 and won by Emma Pickering (Preston Innovations/sonubaits) with 86-14-0 of carp caught on the method feeder with pellet from peg 41 on Loco.

Sheppard (Maver) followed up his previous day’s win, taking second with 70-6-0 of carp caught on the pole with corn and pellet from peg 25 on Laurels.

He was followed by 3 James Copley (Lindholme) 60-7-0, 4 Paul Wright (Halkon Hunt) 54-5-0.

Nick Speed (Shimano) won the Thursday open fished on Bonsai by 26 with 59-5-0 of carp and silvers caught on the pole with bread over micro pellet from peg 48.

Runner up Tom Pickering (Preston Innovations) 54-4-0 was ahead of 3 George Barbie (Hull) 53-13-0, 4 Alex Docherty (Garbolino Lindholme) 50-3-0.

After a bout of bad weather Rotherham UAF finally managed to get a match fished on the River Don at Sprotbrough.

Joe Murray (Maltby) won from peg 29 on the Nature reserve with 11-15-0 of roach and skimmers caught on the stickfloat and maggot.

Steve Whitfield (Steel City) was second with 9-8-0 of skimmers caught on the groundbait feeder and maggot from peg 23.

James Cameron (Clay Lane) took third spot with 6-3-0, ahead of 4 Andy Anderson (Clay Lane) 5-10-0, 5 Paul Rees (Rotherham) 4-12-0, 6 Brian Haigh (Tippers) 4-4-0.

Stainforth Angling Centre

Winter League, Pines lake, Sun, 24 fished: 1st Steve Jones (Stainforth Angling) 48-2-0, 2 carp plus ide on pole and maggot, peg 6. 2nd Jim Evans (Clay Lane) 29-8-0 3rd Lee Hall (Stainforth Angling) 25-10-0. Pairs on the day: 1 Lee Hall and Steve Jones 2 points, 2 Jim and Danny Evans 5, 3 John Walkden and Keith Watson 8. League: 1 Lee Saville and Matt Holsten 35, 2 John Worthington and Jamie Snedker 38, 3 Jim and Danny Evans 38.


Wed, 31: 1st Mark Price (Stainforth Angling Cen) 78-10-0, carp on pole and corn, peg 24. 2nd G Greendale (Hull) 65-1-0 3rd Luke Harrison (Hull) 43-12-0.

Sun, 40: 1st Nathaniel Yates (Hull) 77-12-0, carp on method feeder with pellet, peg 1. 2nd Ray Lane (Sykehouse) 51-7-0 3rd Vic Gray (Sheffield) 39-12-0.

Bank End

Sun, 24: 1st Len Squire (R & R Sports) 38-3-0, carp on pellet feeder, peg 20. 2nd Kev Holvey (Tricast) 27-3-0 3rd Kev Feast (Daiwa Dons) 19-13-0 4th John Taylor (Clay Lane) 16-0-0 5th Phil Gullitt (Clay Lane) 15-6-0 6th Dave Masterman (Bank End) 14-11-0.

Woodhouse Grange

Wed, 15, Ghost: 1st Paul Carling (Woodhouse Grange) 55-8-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 23. 2nd Kelvin Wetherall (Woodhouse Grange) 52-14-0 3rd Malc Scott (Goole) 52-1-0.

Thur, 12, Dog Kennel: 1st Ian Green (Woodhouse Grange) 75-14-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 35. 2nd Andy Laverack (Woodhouse Grange) 53-13-0 3rd Tom WIlson (Howden) 46-2-0.

Sat, 20, Heron: 1st Tony Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 52-8-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 12. 2nd Bernie Larder (Woodhouse Grange) 47-10-0 3rd Graham Martin (Sheffield) 39-4-0.

Winter League, Sun, 22, Cobble: 1st Chad Taylor (Woodhouse Grange) 31-6-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 31. 2nd Bernie Larder (Woodhouse Grange) 21-2-0 3rd Stef Huntington (Goole) 19-6-0.