Kerry Pye’s health and fitness column: What to eat and when

Kerry Pye
Kerry Pye

The right fuel before you work out can help you perform at your best.

Do you love your morning workouts, but hate to eat breakfast before heading out?

Do you forget to have an afternoon snack before your evening run?

One of the key things to good exercise performance is eating the right foods at the right time.

Why you should eat before you work out:

Last week we likened the body’s engine to that of your car, so let’s stick with that for a moment.

If you are headed out on a long journey or want to put your foot down, it’s a good idea to start out with a full tank of fuel.

Maybe you filled up a couple of days ago and you’ve still got some fuel in the tank.

But if you’re smart, you’ll top it up before you go so you don’t run the risk of running out.

The same thing goes with your body’s engine.

If you cycle to work for an hour first thing in the morning, you might think you’ve still got enough fuel in your tank from last night’s dinner.

You might – but you’d be a lot better off if you topped up the tank when waking up.

Your body relies on a good store of carbohydrate (fuel) to maintain blood sugar while you exercise – but after an overnight fast, those stores could be running low.

So eating before a hard workout can help provide enough fuel for working muscle.

I find that most people have a vague idea that they should eat protein after a workout, but few realise how important it is to eat protein and carbohydrates before a workout.

“You should have one gram of carbohydrates to each half gram of protein an hour before a workout,” said Susan M Kleiner (PhD, RD), author of Power Eating.

My pre-workout shake of choice is: Herbalife F1 Sport + 250ml Almond milk.

This combination of macro nutrients not only gives me energy, it also helps repair muscle damage and fully enhances the recovery process following the exercise, meaning I can get back to my Pink Collar Boxing!

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