Will Doncaster Rovers be launching their own TV channel?

Coronavirus has changed the way we watch football and fans’ appetite for live match streams and exclusive video content appears to be bigger than ever.
Photo by George Wood/Getty ImagesPhoto by George Wood/Getty Images
Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

So do Doncaster Rovers have any plans to launch their own independent television channel? Or will they be sticking to iFollow, the EFL’s official streaming service?

Club Doncaster’s head of marketing and communications Shaun Lockwood recently engaged with Rovers fans on Twitter on the matter after one supporter pointed to Plymouth Argyle testing their own Argyle TV service and said Rovers should ‘take note’.

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“We are already looking into this and have been for over a year, potential partners on the table ready to go,” replied Lockwood.

“We do already get healthy revenues from iFollow though & to go alone requires significant investment (if you're going to do it right & not just whitelabel a basic system).

“So then the decision is down to will going alone create enough new benefits to warrant the investment?

“The streaming market changed significantly due to Covid, becoming more popular, but is that audience here to stay now fans can return? Time will tell.

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“In the meantime the immediate priority is getting you all back in the stadium safely and getting back to delivering the engagement experiences that made us family club of the year and best away fan experience.

“I am a full advocate of going our own way, have spoken to the EFL and had dozens of meetings on this,” he added.

“But the business case (including timing) has to make sense for our club. It’s not just yet but hopefully will be soon.”

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