POLL: Are young footballers 'too soft'?

Richie Wellens says young players 'get away with murder'
Richie Wellens says young players 'get away with murder'

Veteran Doncaster Rovers midfielder Richie Wellens has accused young players of being 'soft' - do you agree?

When discussing his at-times aggressive temperament on the pitch when it comes to his team mates, Wellens insists young players often need a rollicking so they know they have made a mistake.

“The game has changed," the outspoken midfielder said. "When I was a kid, 18 or 19 going into the first team, I used to look at the characters and how they’d treat me.

“If I gave the ball away, they were on me. I made sure I did not give that ball away.

“Times have changed now. The kids get away with murder. They’re soft."

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Wellens believes it is perhaps the reason England fails to produce enough good youngsters.

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