Peter Catt: Charlton’s dilemma could play into Doncaster Rovers’ hands

Charlton Athletic face a dilemma whether to go in for the kill or hold onto what they have in Friday's second leg.

Matty Blair scores for Rovers.
Matty Blair scores for Rovers.

And any uncertainty shown by the Addicks could play into Doncaster Rovers' hands.

That is the verdict of veteran Rovers journalist Peter Catt, who has not ruled out the prospect of Grant McCann's men overturning the 2-1 deficit.

"It's interesting psychologically because Rovers know exactly what they've got to do," said Catt, the former Free Press sports editor and now iFollow summariser.

"They've got to go there and overturn a one goal deficit.

"Charlton, they're already one goal up. Do they go for another one? Or do they sit back?

"It makes it more difficult in a sense for them.

"They've got some really good players and if Rovers could overturn this it would be one heck of a result.

"They're certainly capable of doing it. All it needs is a little bit of luck now and again.

"I think Charlton had that little bit of luck earlier in the game, the way the ball ricocheted around for their first goal and also before that when Danny Andrew hit the bar.

"I think it's fascinating the way the tie is poised. It's a massive task but it's not beyond them."

Catt was impressed by Charlton at both ends of the pitch but noticed a 'change in mindset' by Lee Bowyer's side during the second half at the Keepmoat Stadium - which arguably helped Rovers get back into the game.

"They're a good side, let's make no bones about that," he said.

"They're a good attacking side with some really good attacking players like Taylor and Aribo.

"But defensively they're really sound as well.

"People might've had a bit of a moan about Rovers not being able to get the ball forward quickly enough, and having to play some square and backward passes, but that was all down to Charlton and the way they played and pressed. They wouldn't let Rovers get at them.

"But I think there was a change of mindset from them in the second half and they weren't attacking as much. It was more a case of 'we're 2-0 up, have we done enough?'

"Rovers deserved their goal and it has given the second leg a totally different complexion."