One of the main characteristics Doncaster Rovers should be looking for in potential signings according to Matty Blair

Matty Blair believes personality is just as important as ability when it comes to hunting for potential new signings for Doncaster Rovers.

Thursday, 23rd January 2020, 11:45 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd January 2020, 3:12 pm

The Rovers squad has been characterised by strong togetherness over the last few seasons and Blair says the current iteration under Darren Moore is no different.

And he believes plenty of research will have been done on potential January additions to ensure that harmony is not disrupted.

“I think a lot more checks are done now before players are signed,” he said.

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Matty Blair

“In regards to ability, you can see that on the football pitch. But off the pitch you don’t know what a player is like.

“That side of it is just as important probably as the ability on it.

“It’s getting that group of lads together that are going to really create something special.”

The 30-year-old says an abrasive character has the same effect on a squad as it would in any workplace with a supportive atmosphere being just the same.

Having people around who are going to encourage rather than berate is important according to the versatile midfielder.

“I’d say it’s the same with any workforce, anywhere in life,” Blair said.

“You can work with someone you don’t like and you’re probably not going to work as effectively or efficiently.

“Football is no different. If you get on with all the lads then great - that togetherness, gel and bond is stronger for putting in those performances.

“That off day you have in football, which happens all the time, you’ve got your mates around to back you up and say ‘come on, let’s go again.”

Blair does not see additions this month as being vital for Rovers but admits getting the right players in would deliver a boost.

He said: “I’d say a few fresh faces would bolster the squad and give us a different dynamic in a different way.

“What we’ve got at the moment is very good.

“We can add to that and the manager has said he wants to add the right players and not just the amount of players and I think that is spot on.

“If that’s available then great. If not we crack on with what we’ve got.”