NCEL: Carl Stokes resigns as Rossington Main chairman

Carl Stokes
Carl Stokes

Carl Stokes has stepped down as chairman of Rossington Main after 12 years at the club.

In a statement Stokes appeared to blame the standard of refereeing for his decision to resign.

Rossington are currently 13th in Division One of the Northern Counties East League.

Manager Ryan Hindley, who was appointed in September, has hinted on Twitter that he may now consider his own position at the club but said he hoped Stokes would re-consider his decision. 

“I have loved my time at Rossington Main FC and have had some great backing and support along the way, I’m gutted it’s come to this,” said Stokes in a statement.

“Unfortunately for me the fun has stopped every game I seem to go to the main talking or arguing point is about the Very Very Poor standard of officiating.

“The standard over the past 2 seasons has dropped to the point whereby as soon as the officials are announced for your game the groans go out.

“This is the same for all teams, and there does not seem a game go by without the officials being the main talking point. Latest 10 bookings, 3 sent off for what was not a dirty game. Of course this swells the bank account of the poor FA. 

“As a Chairman or committee member you are almost censored and brought to book if you say a word of criticism about them, whom mostly are wet behind the ears.

“I have definitely shown too much passion and admittedly gone over board at times, for that I’m guilty. So as they say when the fun stops, stop!”