Local football: Bentley Colliery’s £1,000 fine is ‘responsibility of players’ - secretary

Central Midlands League news
Central Midlands League news

Bentley Colliery’s future plans are on ice until a £1,000 fine is paid to the Central Midlands League.

The Doncaster side were fined £500 for calling off their scheduled Boxing Day North Division derby against Askern and a further £1,000 when they announced they were quitting the league several days later due to a lack of money.

“I’ve paid the £500 fine, which was reduced to £250 because we paid it before a certain date, with the £86 we had in the club funds and money from the canteen and I made the rest up myself,” said long-serving secretary Peter Tooth this week.

“But the £1,000 fine is the responsibility of the 31 players who signed on at the start of the season.

“From what I understand the Central Midlands League will be writing to the players informing them that they’ll each have to pay thirty odd pounds each by a specified time.

“If the players, which I hope they will, don’t pay the fine then they will be banned from playing by the Sheffield & Hallamshire FA until they do and we as a club couldn’t operate as Bentley Colliery again if that is what we decide to do.

“We can’t do any more as most of the players have joined other clubs.

“I believe four or five have joined CML side Thorne Colliery.”