The latest Darren Moore had to say about the transfer window at Doncaster Rovers

It is fair to say that Doncaster Rovers boss Darren Moore was in no mood to discuss his side's potential business in the January transfer window after their defeat to Coventry City.

Sunday, 19th January 2020, 12:00 pm
Updated Sunday, 19th January 2020, 12:00 pm

And that was nothing to do with the result, but instead due to there being no progression in the hunt that he was willing to inform the media about.

Here we bring you a transcript of what was asked by the media and answered by Moore in his post-game briefing.

Tom Biltcliffe, BBC Radio Sheffield: Transfer wise, is there much merit in me asking you how you are progressing on that front?

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Darren Moore. Picture: Marie Caley

Darren Moore: No merit at all.

TB: Does that mean you're not progressing?

DM: It is exactly where I said it on Tuesday was it, to Liam [Hoden]. It is exactly where I said it was on Thursday and it's exactly what I'm saying to you today. What I assure you is that if anything happens, you'll be the first to know.

TB: Are you concerned?

DM: No, I'm just concerned that I'm looking at the team today and the game today and I'm analysing the game today because that is the most immediate thing. We've played an excellent team and pitched in where we were as a team. I'm looking forward to the next game and taking the bones out of this one. The role that we've got here as a team and a team manager is to try to get some continuity going. Those aspects that you're speaking about now are secondary at the moment. That is the reason why I'm just saying that we're just focusing on the game.

TB: If you don't bring anyone in during this transfer window, what position will that leave your side in?

DM: Leave the side in? I'll tell you all at the end of the season. It's pointless because you're all just speculating. Everybody will speculating to accumulate. Let's talk with reality. Let's talk with the facts. As and when they happen, we can talk reality and facts. At the moment we're in a very competitive season where you can see for yourselves that everybody is beating everybody at the moment. The division is wide open. It will ebb and flow right until the end of the season because it's an ultra-competitive division. We've made huge strides and we continue to make huge strides from where we have been at. Our job is to maintain our focus, maintain and know what we're about and not get sidetracked or deluded with anything else and just carry on our momentum and carry on improving. The next thing now is to look towards the Sunderland game.

Liam Hoden, Doncaster Free Press: Apologies for bringing it back to the transfer window but are you waiting for specific targets at this point?

DM: What can I say Liam? I sound like a broken record, I really do. I know it's the talking topic, the transfer window, but I really haven't got much to say on the matter. I really haven't. Until I can shed any light on the topic, then I really will do. At the moment, I've not got much to say. My thing is to fix my attention on the team. And the team needs me now, and I need the team now in terms of planning because the games are coming thick and fast. As and when, the club has anything to say, then we'll say something but we haven't got much to say at the moment.

Paul Goodwin, Doncaster Free Press: Can you say whether Adam Idah, is that still a possibility or have you drawn a line under that?

DM: Again, that's another one that's been identified in the press. He's been identified in the press but you're not hitting the ones that we are after which is pleasing to know as a football club we are concealed in our work. All the ones are the obvious ones which is great for me because it says we're doing our work right here.