King and Miller 3 - Kings Arms 3rds 1

IT WAS probably not a great start when Kings Arms 3rds only had the bare eleven, but this was compounded further when no referee turned up.

Add this to a pitch resembling a mine riddled battlefield and the game was destined for the unexpected. This is certainly what arrived! Having agreed for one of the Home team’s player’s to referee, Kings were soon left feeling hard done to after Daz Spry had raced clear of two markers and coolly slid the ball beneath the keeper, only to see an unbelievably late flag claim offside. The referee, having already awarded the goal, then changed his mind and went with his assistant. Ironically, King & Miller then went up field and scored with their first chance.

Kings Arms were not enjoying the flowing football from the previous week, hampered clearly by the appalling surface. In fact, the rabbit holes were that deep that at one stage they actually lost full back James Chatwin in one of them! Dave Jones was playing out of position. To be honest, no one ever knows where he’s meant to be, not even Dave himself! But he somehow managed to prevent a 2nd goal with a rugby style tackle that the referee deemed uncautionable. This saw amazing scenes of King & Miller arguing that strongly with their stand in referee that he threw the whistle down and left the field! In his defence, it was one of his better decisions.

Luckily, another standby player reluctantly agreed to take the whistle. We say whistle in loose terms as it sounded more like a toot sweet from Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang.

Rick Wake was starting his 1st game of the season and found himself in loads of space down the left, even more so when the ball was down the right! Kings then squandered a handful of chances which would have seen them race clear of their opponents. Daz Spry was again denied when a defender stretched his leg to clear on the goal line, and Phil Palmer saw the keeper save well on two occasions to deny Kings any joy.

Half time arrived with Kings fairly confident that something could be rescued from the game, but the home team were also full of belief. Dean Smith in goal was in awesome form and produced a string of fine saves the keep his side in it. But another controversial offside cost Kings the game. This time, the referee waved play on when the King & Miller striker was that far offside he had to come back 10 yards to beat the keeper! Kings heads were thoroughly down by now and it soon became 3-0 when a good strike from the edge of the box wrong footed the agile Smith.

Some tasty tackles from Aldridge & Chatwin thwarted further opportunities and Kings Arms had the final say when Chatwin jinked past two players before releasing Spry, who lobbed the keeper from 20 yards for 3-1.

Man of the Match – Daz Spry, closely followed by Dean Smith.

Kings will hopefully be back to full strength this Sunday and with some luck have a referee! All available players to attend. Meet at Kings Arms car park at 9.15am for a home fixture v Jack & Jill.