How Doncaster Rovers fans reacted to Richie Wellens' sacking

Richie Wellens’ short reign as Doncaster Rovers manager is over after six months – and fans have been quick to react on social media.

Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 8:39 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 8:55 pm
Doncaster Rovers fans. Picture: Howard Roe/AHPIX LTD

Wellens departs with Rovers second bottom of League One and six points adrift of safety.

His team scored just 11 goals in 19 league games.

Wellens’ record in all competitions with Doncaster was P26 W6 D5 L15 F17 A47.

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Here’s how a selection of Rovers fans reacted to the news on Twitter…

@Super_mb): Sympathy with Wellens difficult to do a total rebuild with little money and most of the senior players in the treatment room. Warning signs in pre-season when we couldn’t afford any trialists

@ThatMattTurner: Correct decision as It didn’t work with him as manager and we all know there are other people to hold accountable for this abysmal season. Still one of the best players to pull on a Rovers shirt and still a club legend in my eyes.

@vivarovers: No-one wants a manager to fail. Especially not a former player who did so well for #DRFC on the pitch. At another time Richie might’ve been the right manager for us, but it’s clearly not worked this season the way anyone hoped. This feels like the right move at the right time

@JonathanDRFC: Against the grain but I’m disappointed @RichieWe11ens has left #DRFC. Dealt a really bad hand, and inherited a situation that’s the culmination of years of acting without any coherent medium / long term vision on the pitch. Only got one window. Will be tough for the next manager.

@jamesbarthorpe: Gutted it hasn't worked out for Wellens. I was hopeful that he would be able to get the club going again. Especially disappointing as there are obviously bigger problems at the club that badly need addressing. I don't think it was ever set up for him to succeed.

@jkwainman: The greatest player I have ever seen in a Rovers shirt and that's how he should be remembered

@Ryandunphy95: Wrong decision IMO. I don’t see how a new manager can work with this situation. Always a legend @RichieWe11ens good luck in the future

@joycie01: Surprised? No.. Agree? No.. But it's a results based business and the table doesn't lie, felt sorry for him with all the injuries we've had, but my god the players have to take a lot of this blame.

@RobSceneblog: Great player for Rovers. Awful manager. Good riddance. Could the Warnock to Rovers dream finally become reality?

@josh_dainty: The right time to enact change. This is a real chance for the board to show some ambition and appease the fans. Shame it didn’t work out for a legendary player but he couldn’t be given anymore time. Good luck to @McSheffreyGary for Saturday and perhaps beyond.

@SallyHonch_x: Lets not forget that Wellens has made some great decisions, Rowe & Greeny back at the club. Galbraith & Dahlberg. Trying to get rid of two players that we should never have signed that have huge wage bills. Only decision i didn't agree with was getting rid of Butler

@Gazz_Plods: Let's hope we appoint someone that everyone likes, that won't upset anyone, that can work to a strict budget and someone who can miraculously cure injuries

@mjpicko: From a league position point of view it's probably right but I can't help wonder whether things might have turned out OK after another transfer window. Always a club legend. Shame it didn't work out as a manager in the way we hoped. All the best @RichieWe11ens

@DRFC_ITEN: The right decision. Bit overdue. It just hasn't worked.

@jamesjammcmahon: Wish it had worked out. A legend on the pitch

@18Dapper: Hopefully fans remember the player he was and not this season. Feel for him with a number of things against him this season but things were clearly not working regardless of resources. See what happens over the coming days. January is huge for #DRFC

@JimmyDRFC: Didn’t want him to fail and by no means did I want him sacked, but definitely think a change was needed. Whoever the new gaffer is has an absolutely ridiculous job on his hands