Game plans bringing joy and improvement for Kieran Sadlier and Doncaster Rovers

Kieran Sadlier says the Doncaster Rovers squad have taken great delight in game plans delivering the goods in recent weeks – and he believes they are improving him as a player too.

Thursday, 16th January 2020, 5:37 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th January 2020, 11:33 pm

Rovers’ recent upsurge in form has been marked by the successful implementation of game plans to handle the approach of opposition teams and hurt them in the process.

Forward Sadlier says plenty of hard work goes into each game plan, making it all the sweeter when they pay off.

“We work a lot on the training pitch on our shape and our game plan,” he said.

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Kieran Sadlier
Kieran Sadlier

“It’s great to see on a Saturday when we win a game and it comes off because it really feels like you’re going somewhere.

“We’ve got different game plans and different ways of playing.”

“We can mix it up.

“We’re obviously a very technical team who like to play football but we can mix it up in different ways.

“Coventry are coming here on Saturday and they play a certain way and we’ve got a game plan and it’s the same with the other games.

“They all play in different ways and we’ve got to adapt to that.”

Sadlier feels he has improved after being drilled in game plans since his return to England with Rovers a little more than a year ago.

The 25-year-old spent two seasons in the League of Ireland before joining Rovers and says his tactical understanding has been developed.

“When I was over in Ireland or in Scotland, it was more about just playing for me,” he said.

“I’m 25 now and playing regularly in England so I’m learning things like game plans and it’s getting drilled into me about my positioning.

“It’s maybe about not doing loads of running but holding it and being more clever about my positioning.

“There’s loads of things that I’m learning as I go on and the staff here are very good on that.

“I’m improving and I’m enjoying it.

“I enjoy working hard and learning new things.”