Everything that has been said about Doncaster Rovers' new head of football position including who has the final say on signings and contracts

Gary McSheffrey has indicated who will have the final say on key decisions once Doncaster Rovers appoint their new head of football operations.

By Paul Goodwin
Monday, 11th April 2022, 8:45 pm

The 39-year-old told the local media last week that he was fully in support of the club’s decision to overhaul their off-the-field structure.

The new appointment will see Rovers move towards a model which has typically been more prevalent across Europe but has steadily crept more and more into the English game over recent years.

Rovers revealed last week they were in the process of recruiting an individual who will be accountable for every major facet of the football club, including player recruitment, the medical and conditioning departments, analysis, as well as setting the club’s culture and standards.

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Gary McSheffrey and Frank Sinclair

The deadline for applications was Monday, April 11.

McSheffrey has indicated that the manager will continue to have the final say on key decisions like signings and contracts.

Here’s everything that was said about the new role when McSheffrey spoke to the media ahead of the Crewe game...

GM: Gary McSheffrey, RS: Rob Staton, PG: Paul Goodwin

RS: The club’s put out an advert for head of football operations, how has the club communicated to you the structure moving forward and how does your role fit into this?

GM: There’s going to be more discussions taking place when the person gets that role.

My role will just be the same. I’ll be managing the team and concentrating on the matchdays and the training.

It’s another support network for the manager and the players of the club.

RS: How much do you think the club needs this kind of role? How important is it to have a head of football operations?

GM: It’s successful at a lot of other clubs. Some clubs dont’ have it and some clubs do.

It definitely has its plusses and I’m all for it.

PG: How do you see the creation of this new role helping the club and helping yourself?

GM: Time will tell. But, like I say, there’s good clubs and big clubs out there that have gone down this route and got good models and blueprints in how they do things.

It’s something that the club has been researching with the club visits, speaking to some really well-known figures in the game.

So it’s the route we’re going to go down and I fully support it and think it will be a good thing.

PG: Who will have the final say when it comes to things like contracts and signings?

GM: Ultimately the manager of the club will probably have the final say.

But there will be a recruitment committee as there was in January.

Everyone will get the round the table, have an input and come to a collective decision.

PG: I guess it’s freeing you up to concentrate on the coaching and the players, that side of things?

GM: That’s the bigger picture; looking after the multi-disciplinary teams, making sure the players we target are position specific and have the right physical attributes that we want. It does free me up to really concentrate on the business end, the results, and try and get wins on the pitch.