Web Exclusive: John Ryan and Terry Bramall meet for talks

John Ryan and Terry Bramall met on Friday.
John Ryan and Terry Bramall met on Friday.
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John Ryan and Terry Bramall have met face to face in a pre-Christmas twist to the on-off Sequentia Capital takeover.

Ryan, who resigned as chairman and a director in November, met with fellow co-owner Bramall on Friday, the Free Press understands.

The precise purpose of the meeting is unclear.

But the very fact that Ryan and Bramall, who were at loggerheads in the aftermath of Ryan’s shock resignation, have met in person would suggest that some sort of reconciliation, or positive conclusion to Sequentia’s takeover proposal, may be on the cards.

Rovers attempted to draw another line under the whole Sequentia episode last month when they released a second statement saying the club would continue under the current ownership.

But Sequentia, and their interest in buying Doncaster Rovers, has never gone away.

The Irish-led consortium’s latest offer, which was put forward in the meeting that David Blunt was accused of going behind Ryan’s back, is still on the table - and is still being considered by Bramall, Blunt, Dick Watson and chief executive Gavin Baldwin.

Whether Ryan and Bramall’s meeting was prompted by Rovers’ poor form on the pitch is a moot point.

Only last week Sequentia reiterated their desire to complete a takeover before the January transfer window closes, allowing time for Paul Dickov to strengthen his squad with significant funds Sequentia say they are willing to invest.

Kevin Phelan, Sequentia’s representative, said: “We would like to gain control as soon as possible so that we can put investment into the club to help Doncaster avoid relegation.

“The ball is in the court of Mr Watson and Mr Bramall.

“But it needs to be done sooner rather than later because at the end of January time starts to run away to the end of the season very quickly.

“If they are not going to put the money in themselves we are here, prepared to put the money in. We have proven we have £20m.”

Two matters almost certain to have been discussed by Ryan and Bramall are Ryan’s 23 per cent shareholding in the club and the £4million loan the former chairman revealed he is owed when he announced his resignation at Barnsley.

Sequentia say they have completed the purchase of Ryan’s shares, along with 14 per cent of shares belonging to other minor shareholders, as part of their strategy to buy the club outright.

They are also understood to have agreed to buy Ryan’s loan.

However, Rovers again this week reiterated that no existing shareholders have notified the club of their intention to sell any shares or loans.

A Rovers spokesperson said: “As we have previously stated, any transfer a shareholder wishes to make is subject to the club’s constitution which the directors must approve

“I can confirm that Doncaster Rovers have not received any official notification from any shareholder or from any loan holder regarding the sale of their shares or loans in the club.”

Bramall, Watson and Blunt have met again since the weekend to discuss their latest stance on Sequentia’s proposal.

Their main concern is thought to be the possibility of the £4million loan being called in.