The Tomlinson-Ryan era has begun at Doncaster Rovers

Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson and John Ryan are now the proud owners of around 85 per cent of Doncaster Rovers after confirming their takeover.

The pair announced their takeover at a secret London location yesterday.

Main points

- Ryan and Tomlinson will be 50-50 partners and co-chairmen

- The shares of Dick Watson, Terry Bramall, David Blunt, Andrew Watson and Sarah Kell have been bought by the pair, giving them approximately 85 per cent of the club

- Loan owed to Watson and Bramall have been cleared

- Ryan says he believes only Sheffield United will have a higher wage budget in League One next season.

- Ryan confirmed no other parties are involved in the takeover at this stage

- There will be no changes to Doncaster RLFC which is owned by Doncaster Rovers. Ryan pledged to ‘support the club in any way he can.’

- The Tomlinson Ryan Trust is launched, a crowdfunding project designed to raise £2million from public donations to raise funds for Rovers

- Tomlinson wants to create a buzz around Rovers

- Ryan says Rovers can become a powerful brand with Tomlinson’s involvement

More to follow