The Inquest: Dave Penney’s view on what went wrong at Doncaster Rovers

Dave Penney
Dave Penney

I WOULDN’T say it has gone drastically wrong this season because the results weren’t clever at the back end of last season.

Relegation is a culmination of things and it started to go downhill when they lost players like Richie Wellens and Matt Mills.

They’re top Championship players and they just haven’t been able to replace that quality that was lost.

I’ve got some sympathy for Dean.

It’s difficult to come in and change that losing mentality, which had been evident over the previous nine months.

A big thing in football is momentum and Rovers have just not had that.

They tried the experiment and it didn’t work.

Would they have been better just sticking with the players that were there?

I don’t know - it’s easy in hindsight.