Terry Bramall: My ambition is to build the ‘complete football club’

Terry Bramall
Terry Bramall

Terry Bramall has reiterated his desire to build Doncaster Rovers into ‘the complete football club’ - but refused to put a timescale on his own involvement.

Rovers’ co-owner addressed fans in person for the first time since the collapse of John Ryan’s takeover bid at Thursday night’s Meet The Owners event.

Asked how long he was prepared to remain in his current role, Bramall said: “I don’t think we’ve set a time, in truth.

“When we joined the club, and in recent times when we’ve been to events like this and been asked, we’ve stated our ambition was to build a club that is sustainable and is the complete football club.

“We decided we would give John Ryan the chance to buy it. He said he wanted to. It was with mixed emotions that we did do that.

“I would be disappointed either way it had gone and therefore I’m equally excited it’s gone this way.

“We can continue the work we set out to do. How long that takes? I don’t know.

“It depends on the team and their response - and when I think of the team I think of all you [fans] here tonight.

“You’re all part of the club and your support, and the support of the people of Doncaster and surrounding areas, is going to be vital to that.

“We don’t really want to let the club go until we know it’s going to be in the hands of people who carry it on into the years we’re not going to be here.”

Bramall also responded when asked if the club were planning to appoint a chairman.

“We are conscious we haven’t got a chairman. It isn’t a legal requirement.

“We think it sends out important signals when we do have one, but it’s essential that we have one that’s going to meet the needs of this club.

“We’re working on it again. Hopefully we’ll have an answer for you quite shortly, but tonight I don’t have one.

“We do recognise there’s a need, but we have to define the job for a start. What do we want a chairman to do?

“Currently, the club is being run by the owners and their staff.

“You can’t get anything more direct than that.”