Spurr back with mixed feelings

Tommy Spurr says last season was the most enjoyable of his career but Rovers had not offered him a new deal by the Tuesday of kick-off week
Tommy Spurr says last season was the most enjoyable of his career but Rovers had not offered him a new deal by the Tuesday of kick-off week

Tommy Spurr admits he will have mixed feelings when he arrives at the Keepmoat tonight.

On one hand he will be keen to impress for a team he is thrilled to have recently joined.

On the other there will be awkwardness of returning to a club he never really wanted to leave and eyeing close friends across the battle lines.

Spurr returns to the Keepmoat tonight just two weeks after his two year Rovers stay was brought to an end when he signed for Blackburn.

Talk from Rovers a fortnight ago was of Spurr signing a multi-million pound deal at Ewood Park making wage demands which were beyond Doncaster.

But Spurr insists that could not be further from the truth.

“It was said at the time that I was going to Blackburn for a multi-million pound deal which I thought was hilarious,” Spurr told the Star.

“I’m still laughing about it now. When you work out what I’d be being paid each week with a contract like that, it’s ridiculous.

“I think I’ve done well over the last few years, particularly last season, but even I don’t think anyone would ever offer me that sort of money.

“I also want to say that I definitely didn’t price myself out of staying at Doncaster.

“I really wanted to stay.”

Spurr was among nine players at Rovers whose contracts expired at the end of last season and were told they would be retained by the club.

After an initial delay, contracts began to be signed.

As the re-signings were announced, one notable name not on the list was Spurr - an ever-present last season - who says he was not presented with an actual contract during the summer.

He said: “I was told that I would be given a contract when new investment came in to the club. I was all set for staying.

“I worked my socks off in training all pre-season and I never held back in any of the games.

“But the season was getting closer and closer and the investment never materialised.

“It got to the Tuesday with the season starting on Saturday and they were no closer to putting a contract in front of me.

“It was then that I was told Blackburn were interested in bringing me and I had to look into it.

“People always seem to forget that although we earn a good living, we still need to get paid. I’ve got a family to look after.

“I stopped getting paid on July 31 and I had nothing concrete from Donny so I had to listen to Blackburn.”

Spurr is full of praise for Rovers boss Paul Dickov who he says was very keen to keep him at the club.

“I told Paul that I was having a medical at Blackburn and he told me he’d try and get something sorted for me at Donny,” Spurr said.

“He managed to get a contract drawn up and they finally had something for me on the Wednesday.

“But it was too late because I’d seen what it was like at Blackburn.

“It was too good an opportunity for me to turn down and I felt it was the right decision for me to go.

“It definitely wasn’t about the money because I’m on less this season than I would have been if I’d stayed at Donny.”

Despite the last few days of his time with Rovers, Spurr can only look back on his time with the club fondly.

He said: “Last season was my most enjoyable time in football and it’s going to be very difficult for something to beat that in the future.

“The group was incredibly tight-knit from last summer when we could hardly put a matchday squad together right through to the end of the season.”