SPORTS LETTERS: What’s going on at Rovers?

A QUESTION for Free Press readers - would real Rovers fans with in excess of three quarters of a billion between them walk away when things look bleak?

I had not heard of Dick Watson and Terry Bramall’s love for the club prior to 2006/7 when they joined the board, which was just before they sold Keepmoat plc.

They have, I believe, under written financial short falls in the past but when you look at the real term investments by these multi millionaires it shows that the average season ticket holder invests more of his or her personal wealth in DRFC.

I’m first and foremost a Palace fan but it pains me to see the destruction of a club that I have grown to love in a few short months.

Palace were saved from oblivion, the club’s fans now own and run the club.

Football club boards blame managers and players, but who appointed the manager? The board.

The manager asks for players; the board sanctions the purchase.

It’s all about a culture of blame and ultimately passing the buck.

I think Billy Sharp will go to Southampton before deadline day as any improved contract is now dead.

Jim Cremer, Bessacarr.

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