Saunders reveals long term plan for the Rovers

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AMBITIOUS Doncaster Rovers boss Dean Saunders says evolution - not revolution - is the long term plan for the club.

In the build up to tonight’s home clash with form side Reading, Saunders has reiterated his desire to relaunch Rovers’ reserve team next season in order to foster a link between the first team squad and youth team.

Doncaster are also planning to start an Under 21 team next term.

And Saunders again spoke about youth development as key to the club’s long term success.

Saunders said: “The long term plan is the Premier League.

“We’re not about to take our eye off the ball because in the short term we have to survive in the Championship, which I’m confident we’ll do.

“But longer term bringing the kids through at the centre of excellence is at the centre of my mind.

“James Husband is not far off playing for the first team and I want to keep that going.

“We need to bring our own kids through and if they’re from Doncaster then that’s even better.

“I also need to sign players who are showing promise in the lower leagues.

“It’s all about the club evolving and being run in the way we want it to run,” he added.

“I have to get the best possible players into the club. It’s not rocket science.

“And if you cannot go out and spend lots of money then you have to try other ways to get them in.

“We have to sell them the ambition of the club.

“Then it’s up to me to get them to work hard and get them organised.

“When they pull on a Doncaster shirt they need to have earned their wages.”