Saunders delighted at derby day effort

DEAN Saunders admitted he would find it hard to drop any of his starting players following the all-action display in the derby win over Barnsley.

Only two Saunders signings made it into the starting XI due to injuries and suspensions but those who did play produced a performance of passion and determination.

Saunders said: “That’s the hardest we’ve worked as a group.

“Some of the players who have not been playing, they stepped up to the plate.

“I’m going to find it hard to leave any of them out of the team.

“If we keep winning, I’m going to keep the same team every week.”

Speculation has suggested several of Rovers’ ‘old guard’ would be moved on in the transfer window but Saunders suggested they are going about business the right way if they want to stay.

He said: “If these boys want to stay at the club they need to work as hard as that every week.

“That’s all I ask.

“If I see weaknesses in the team, that’s when I’ll try to improve it.”

Saunders praised on-loan Tottenham Hotspur keeper David Button who produced a strong performance.

He said: “He did well, he didn’t drop anything and his kicking was good.

“He’s come here for a month and we don’t have to pay anything towards his wages.

“I think Tottenham see it as an investment because they need to see if he can play at this level.

“So we both get the benefit.”