Saunders: All of us have to take the blame for relegation


DEAN Saunders says no one is exempt from blame for Doncaster Rovers’ relegation to League One - including himself.

After watching his side defeat Coventry, a result which also condemned the Sky Blues to League One, Saunders said: “We should’ve stayed up.

“We’ve thrown games away, we missed too many chances in front of goal and we hit a bad patch at the wrong time.

“You can make as many excuses as you like but all of us have to take the blame.

“All the players have to have a look in the mirror.

“I thought I could come in and keep the team in the league but I’ve got to hold my hands up and say I haven’t managed it.

“It’s happened now and we’ve got to take it on the chin and come back fighting,” he added.

“It’s how you react and recover from disappointments that make you the player or manager that you are.”