Rovers Survey: Support for chief executive Baldwin and Club Doncaster

Gavin Baldwin
Gavin Baldwin

Chief executive Gavin Baldwin remains a popular figure with Doncaster Rovers supporters, according to our annual fans’ survey.

Almost 60 per cent of those who took part in the survey gave Baldwin a seven out of ten rating or better for the job he is doing at Rovers.

A score of eight out of ten was the most popular response with a little more than 20 per cent rating for the CEO. Just 18 per cent of respondents rated Baldwin five or less on his performance.

Baldwin has been a largely popular figure since becoming chief executive three years ago, praised for his openness, particular at the club’s biannual Meet The Owners events.

And one of his major projects is also proving popular among supporters, according to our survey.

A little more than 60 per cent of respondents declared their support for the Club Doncaster model, of which Baldwin has proved the most vocal proponent.

One of those to complete the survey wrote: “I like to think that bringing together Doncaster’s sporting clubs is a step in the right direction to improving support for all the clubs. Improved support improves finance for all the clubs involved, mutually supporting each other.”

Another respondent said: “The owners should be concentrating on football, and spending what little money they are willing to on the playing budget and improving the stadium.”

And another wrote: “I am not particularly for or against it. If it helps Doncaster sport then I would struggle to see it as a bad thing, but the main concern for me is Rovers’ fortunes.”

Despite the majority of respondents supporting the model, fewer than nine per cent of those have actually opted to become Club Doncaster members.

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