ROVERS NEWS: Saunders searching for right formula


ROVERS boss Dean Saunders has admitted he is still searching for the right formula to make his side successful.

Saunders insists he will get the team winning regularly but says it will take time as he looks for the right side to field.

He said: “At the minute, I’m searching for the right formula and the right team to send out on the pitch.

“We will get the team winning, it’s just a case of gelling everything together.

“It takes a bit of time for things to run smooth.

“I’d like to pick the same team every week eventually but it takes time.

“It’s the ideal because then if you get beat, the same group of players pick themselves up and react to that the following week.”

A lengthy injury list – with more names added following the 2-0 defeat at Barnsley – has ensured it has been difficult for Rovers to name a consistent starting XI.

Saunders said: “It’s difficult to gel because we’ve got that many injuries.

“I’ve never known anything like it, with the number of long term injuries, so it means if you pick up a few knocks you’re suddenly thin on the ground.

“It means there’s no consistency.

“We’ve had two new players in over the last few days and we’re out there training, going over team shape and tactics and they’re getting it wrong because they are new.

“They do things different at other clubs so we’re having to go over them.

“It takes time before everything goes like clockwork, the organisational side of things with players being in the right place and playing together.”

Saunders points to Manchester City as an example where time was needed for success to come.

He said: “If you look at City now, they’re flying.

“But it’s taken two and a half years to get to where they are now.

“Mark Hughes spent an absolute fortune and it didn’t work out.

“When there’s a problem, it doesn’t sort itself out overnight.

“We’ve won six games in 2011 so it tells you there’s something wrong.”

The Rovers boss has targeted a total of 12 wins for the campaign which he believes, along with a few draws, will be enough to keep his side up.

And he is looking to add two more wins to the three picked up so far in the next two games with Watford and Millwall.

He said: “We’ve got to win 12 games from start to finish to stay in the league.

“That gets you 36 points and if you pick up a few draws that’ll be enough and we’ll stay in the league.

“We’re not a million miles away and it was important we didn’t lose against Coventry, it’s proven that with how things have gone since.

“We could be in a good position on Tuesday night if the players go into Saturday with the belief and we win and then try to beat Millwall.

“If we beat Watford and Millwall then we’ll be right up there with them.”