Rovers letters: Let’s just do our talking on the pitch

Grant McCann
Grant McCann

I like many fans have been scratching my head as to how the Rovers were beaten in their last two league matches.

Failure to score? Defensive mistakes? Or were they two freak results?

I think we have to look further back to the previous weekend after the great win at Plymouth.

I seem to recall Grant McCann telling the team he wanted Rovers to be top of the table by the end of the following weekend, presumably as a motivational tool.

I think that the manager perhaps has been a bit naive. How would you motivate the players of the opposition to try harder to beat the Rovers, other than suggesting they might be top of the table after the next two fixtures?

Perhaps this type of comment should be kept behind closed doors and definitely not shared with the press.

Let’s do our talking on the pitch, as the team has done in the previous ten games.

Colin Whitehead

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