NEW PAUL DICKOV COLUMN: Touchline tirades are just part of the game

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What managers get up to in their technical areas has been something of a hot topic this week. Believe me, I’ve tried to calm down a little bit!

I’ve tried to sit on the bench a bit more often this season but I just get so caught up in the game.

It’s got to the point I’ll apologise in advance to the referee and fourth official now. I’ll have a quick word when the teamsheet gets handed in, just to let them know I don’t mean it and it’s nothing personal!

I’m just passionate about what I do. I want to win. And I don’t mind seeing it from other managers too.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s a line that you should not cross.

And Alan Pardew will probably be the first to admit that it was a spur of the moment thing on Sunday, and what he said to Manuel Pellegrini was borne out of frustration. But when that happens you’ve got to be big enough and man enough to apologise straight away afterwards.

I just have to look back to the Bournemouth game in August when myself and Eddie Howe had a little go at each other. The main thing is that it’s forgotten about afterwards.

The first person I shook hands with after that game was Eddie and we had a drink in the office afterwards. That’s the way it should be. As long as it’s like that, I don’t mind it. I think it’s healthy. It shows that managers are passionate about wanting their team to win.

If I go back to when I played, for the 90 minutes you’re on that pitch you do everything you can to win the game. You don’t care if you upset your opponent as long as you have a drink in the bar after the game and shake hands. That’s the way it should be.

I don’t really know what makes me the way I am in the technical area. I’m just so passionate about football and the club that I manage that I do tend to get carried away a little bit. I can’t really help that. I’ve not changed since I’ve been a kid on that front. I just love football.

Going back to the Newcastle game against Manchester City, I could understand why Alan was frustrated. The offside law is one of two things I’d change in the modern game. Let’s just go back to offside is offside. I don’t know why people complicate it. It’s the same with handball. All this business about the arm being in an unnatural position. Football’s a simple game - let’s keep the rules simple. There’d be far fewer arguments.