Many happy returns from John Ryan

JOHN Ryan today passes on his birthday wishes to the VSC - but has urged messageboard users to be more positive!

In a message of thanks to the VSC, Rovers’ chairman says the club can challenge for promotion next season.

Ryan said: “We have a very special relationship with the VSC and congratulate them on reaching their 10th birthday.

“It’s a great achievement, we are proud of what they have done and continue to do, and everyone at DRFC wholly supports their efforts.

“We wish them well for the next ten years and we will continue to support and encourage them.

“We have a great relationship with Gareth and his VSC team.

“We share ideas regularly and we chat about a whole host of problems and opportunities because we want to keep this relationship working for the fans and the club.

“I hope the fans on the VSC website are far more optimistic this season though!

“There are a few supporters on the site who always look for the negatives.

“But I’d like to say that we at the club are very optimistic for next season – so get behind us and be more positive!

“Sean has a good player budget,” he added.

“We are actively looking to strengthen the squad, and as long as we don’t have an injury crisis like last season, I’m sure we can be up there knocking at the promotion door.

“So, many congratulations and I look forward to a lot more success with the VSC over the coming seasons.”