Mailbag: Ryan ‘right to be sceptical about Dons’

John Ryan
John Ryan

Paul Goodwin wrote John Ryan ‘should not look a gift horse in the mouth’ in an article about Rovers’ ownership of the Dons in the Free Press (12/06/14).

It’s all right when the Dons are not making losses.

But, as history and attendances show, not many people are interested in the Dons and they will go back to making losses, especially when the present manager moves on.

Now Club Doncaster exists, who will pay for the Dons’ losses?

John Ryan is not in favour of Club Doncaster and I agree with him.

Perhaps a good test for the perception of Club Doncaster, and whether it is a success, would be for someone to find out how many Club Doncaster all inclusive tickets have been bought by the Doncaster public?

It would be very interesting to find out if they are a gift horse, or whether Sir John is right.

Malcolm Smith, Doncaster

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