LETTERS: Letting Brian Flynn leave was a mistake | Smoke bomb shame

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As a Rovers supporter since the famous Man City game in 1950, I keep in touch with Rovers news via the Free Press website as I live in Huddersfield.

Paul Goodwin’s article last week about the development of young players was spot on [‘Rovers ethos must be quality over quantity’, Free Press, 27/11/14].

Far too often we hear of young players who “have a great future” or who “can play at a higher level”.

Yet, when you look back, as you rightly point out, who has done this? James Husband yes, but who else?

Think of the youngsters the club have released and most have disappeared.

Baxendale is still playing but not at any high level, Maxted has just signed for Hartlepool, not a major upward move by any standards and I expect that you could tell quite a few similar stories.

Personally, I think the club made a massive mistake in letting Brian Flynn leave.

Here was a guy with an absolute wealth of experience, a massive number of contacts (as had Mickey Walker, another we should never have allowed to leave) and who could have unearthed a few more ‘gems’.

Peter Smith, Huddersfield

This is a message to the two children, who I cannot describe in any other way because they have not grown up yet, who ran onto the pitch and threw the smoke bomb on the pitch at Crewe.

No doubt it will cost the club a very big fine.

It’s also aimed at the bright little angel who chose to hurl abuse at three old age pensioners and swear in front of one old boy who had is granddaughter and grandson with him.

When you grow up son and have children, I hope this does not happen to you.

In the meantime you all should hang your heads in shame.

All I can ask of you all is to go to the matches, enjoy the games, and show some respect to Doncaster Rovers and the decent fans.

If this is too much to ask of you please stay away, as the real fans and the club could do well without you all.

Ken Acornley, Doncaster

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