Inside this week’s Free Press: Doncaster Rovers’ business plan REVEALED

Doncaster Rovers Chief Executive Gavin Baldwin. Picture: Andrew Roe
Doncaster Rovers Chief Executive Gavin Baldwin. Picture: Andrew Roe

ROVERS chief executive Gavin Baldwin talks candidly about the club’s business plan and player recruitment strategy - only in this week’s Free Press.

In the first of a two-part series, Baldwin also spoke to sports writer Paul Goodwin about radical plans to turn the Keepmoat Stadium into a place Rovers can genuinely call home.

Here’s just a taste of the interview, which you can read in full in Thursday’s Free Press.

Baldwin on the Keepmoat Stadium

“The board have been absolutely specific that this stadium is not going to cost them a penny and it’s going to bring money into the club that funds the football.

“It cannot be the other way round.”

Baldwin on the business plan

“The budget is hovering around the £? million mark.

“We’ve set parameters for signing a player. One of them is that there is a maximum amount that Dean is allowed to pay per week for a player.

“Within the parameters we’ve organised we would never want the major owners to walk away.”

Baldwin on a difficult summer

“At the end of last season we had twelve players under contract who were going to cost us £3.6 million.

“It’s been a difficult summer because we’ve had to get several players in, but without the budget to do it.”

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