How can you sum it all up? What a day! What a season!

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Where do you start?

Even Steven Spielberg could not have come up with a more dramatic ending than the one at Griffin Park last week.

A 46 game season came down to a winner in the sixth minute of stoppage time, the last kick of the season.

The pre-match atmosphere was electric, taking you back decades, with both sets of fans in good voice.

They say it only takes a minute to score a goal. Well, actually it only takes 17.8 seconds as we saw.

Trotta’s penalty rattled the bar, Quinny cleared up field, Billy Paynter ran 60 yards and squared to Copps. The rest is history.

Going from agony to ecstacy in less than 20 seconds. Some supporters hadn’t realised we’d scored because they were still celebrating the penalty miss.

Words cannot describe the emotions of those final few moments as we realised we were champions.

Billy Paynter dancing around wearing a pig head, Rob Jones crowd surfing, Rovers fans crying and singing the roof off.

It was an Aguero moment – but even better.

The celebrations that followed will live long in the memory of not only Rovers fans, but the football world.

Something that made me porud was seeing ten or so young kids in front of me enjoying the moment. One thing this season has been getting a new generation of fans. It all bodes well for the future.

We must now build on this to get more fans following us.

The highlight of the trip back was stalwart supporter Derek Daniels going on national radio to reveal how he was physically sick when the penalty was awarded. If ever you needed showing how much something like this means to supporters.

The celebrations rolled on and on with the awards dinner at the Dome on Sunday and then the quickly organised presentation and parade on Monday.

Looking back over this amazing season, we may not have been the most talented team to win the league and nobody would have put their house on us winning the title at the start of the season.

But the players’ never-say-die attitude got them through. There was a unity in the team, an all-for-one, one-for-all mentality.

That’s why we’re champions.

All I can say is this: Thank you Doncaster Rovers.