Gavin Baldwin: ‘Paul Dickov is the right man for Doncaster Rovers’

Paul Dickov
Paul Dickov

Paul Dickov deserves a shot at getting Doncaster Rovers back into the Championship, chief executive Gavin Baldwin has told fans.

In a statement on Rovers’ official website, Baldwin says Dickov ‘is the right man for Doncaster Rovers’.

Dickov told reporters in the immediate aftermath of Saturday’s relegation that he would remain in charge at Doncaster and had the full support of the club’s board.

Baldwin said: “Despite relegation the owners still feel Paul Dickov is the right man for Doncaster Rovers.

“While this season hasn’t achieved our objectives, the owners are confident he can return us to the Championship at the first attempt.

“Dean Saunders was given that opportunity after we were relegated in 2013 and did well.

“The owners feel it is right that Paul Dickov is also granted the same opportunity.

“Under Paul we have played some attractive attacking football this season and our games against Wigan and the away victory and 28-pass goal against Leeds United are not forgotten easily.”

Dickov was appointed Doncaster manager last May, signing a one-year rolling contract.