Forum for the Future: We have had a wake up call - Bramall

Doncaster Rovers Press Conference.... Terry Bramall, share holder    See story Nick Westby  Picture Chris Lawton  18th June  2012
Doncaster Rovers Press Conference.... Terry Bramall, share holder See story Nick Westby Picture Chris Lawton 18th June 2012

TERRY Bramall resigned from Doncaster Rovers’ board in January because the club had become “too expensive” to run.

The mega rich former Keepmoat director, however, has vowed to continue to support the club financially after being impressed by chief exective Gavin Baldwin’s ‘balance the books’ business plan.

Bramall is also thrilled at the club’s capture of the Keepmoat Stadium on a 99-year lease - but he and fellow co-owner Dick Watson will NOT be returning to the board.

“I resigned from the board in January because I was perturbed at the way that financial aspects of the club were going,” said Bramall.

“We tried the experiment with Willie McKay, we felt it would give us a fair chance [of avoiding relegation].

“But I felt the club had become too expensive, [we were spending] more than was called for.

“That was a wake up call but the club has really changed since then.

“We’ve made good progress with the local authority and in the last six months we have developed a good working relationship with them.

“We now have somewhere we can call home and we want to make it into a base for everybody concerned with the club.

“Hopefully that will excite the fans and I know Gavin has lots of ideas about how we can develop that.

“I’m not coming back on the board because this year I’m 70 and I am extremely busy,” he added.

“Now is not the time to be taking on extra responsibilities.

“To be an active director of the club is a big responsibility and cannot be taken lightly.

“I’d rather it was other people who were doing that.

“Dick and I will be in touch with people at the club, we’ll know what’s happening.

“While the club needs our financial support, it will be there.

“We’re delighted to provide that when the whole thing is moving forward as it has done in the last six months.”

Bramall became an equal shareholder with John Ryan and Dick Watson in Doncaster Rovers in 2007 - the same year he and Watson sold their share in Keepmoat for a combined £783 million.

“We still feel the football club is really important to the town,” said Bramall.

“That’s why we came in originally and that’s why we’re still here.

“Since January we have put a lot of money into the club.

“As it stands the club is in good shape financially.

“We’re not in debt to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs like some clubs are, we’re not in debt to agents and we’re not in debt to any players.

“We’ve got every chance of going into League One and coming out in a much better financial shape.

“The football side of things I leave to John [Ryan], Gavin [Baldwin] and Lee [Ferraby].

“I don’t really understand football - apart from the mathematics of it - and I don’t really get involved in that side of things.

“But we want to help this club as much as possible.

“Dick and I have always been grateful to Doncaster as a town.”