Fans’ Forum - Wesley Grimes: We need to get the passion back

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Passion is a hard thing to get right in football.

Too much and it can bubble over into potential issues for the club.

Too little and the football experience at the ground is affected.

The last year has seen the Keepmoat atmosphere go the same way as the football.

Often stagnant, lacking in excitement and not delivering to the full potential.

In the years we’ve been at the Keepmoat I’m ashamed to say I can count on one hand the games that have stirred a great atmosphere.

Southend at home in the play-offs was electric a few years back.

It was something I’ve never seen repeated.

It shows it’s possible, so what can the club do to recreate this atmosphere?

Obviously results on the pitch are, first and foremost, the biggest factor.

Sean O’Driscoll’s fluid passing football could get even the most stubborn fan off his seat in appreciation.

But we all know that we can’t rely on those performances of late.

Which is where the singing section comes in.

At Belle Vue, the middle of the Pop Stand was the hub of all the atmosphere.

It wasn’t created or had any input by the club.

It didn’t need it - everyone knew where to go if you wanted to sing and that is what’s missing at the Keepmoat Stadium.

The organic creation of one in the North West corner was rebuffed last year and we’ve struggled to find an agreed location ever since then.

Fan panels have been introduced this year with an important factor not being accounted for.

The people integral to the creation of these won’t be there.

In my opinion, pulling in the youth requires thinking outside of the box.

Social media platforms need to be the focus to create something virally that can be seen as the fans’ own creation without the club ever touching it.

The youth won’t come to the club. The club needs to go to the youth.