Fans’ Forum: This season has raised more questions than answers - Wes Grimes

Paul Dickov
Paul Dickov

How far can a botched takeover carry you?

Pretty far if you look at the case of Paul Dickov.

The delay in bringing in players obviously impacted heavily in terms of the quality we signed.

Yet the side we field most weeks still has the skills and experience required to challenge in this league.

However, I’ve witnessed far too many games this season where we’ve been under par, void of ideas and crumbled under a bit of pressure.

If you look back to two years ago when we won the title, that side was no better than the one we have now. If anything I’d argue it was weaker.

However, we were a tough team to break down, the team played for each other and they were led on the field by Rob Jones and off it by Brian Flynn.

I backed Dickov after relegation last year, despite his failure to stave off the drop.

It’s hard to get the true picture of a manager when you are playing sides week in, week out, with double or triple the wage structure of your own.

This season would see Dickov come good I told myself.

But a defeat at Bramall Lane on Tuesday night has pretty much ended our chase for the play-offs and dangerously leaves us looking over our shoulders at the teams below, albeit there are probably enough teams below us to ensure we’re safe already.

That’s two seasons of under performance delivered back to back with no signs of it getting any better.

How many players could you say have had an outstanding season?

More importantly what is Dickov’s style of play?

If anyone could answer either of these questions I’d be very impressed. I’m not sure if even Paul could give a comprehensive answer.

Our current home record is nothing shy of a disgrace and must cost the club a fortune in lost revenue.

So it’s time to put this droll season behind us – as fans we’ve started the revolution in the unreserved South Stand (Black Bank) next season.

Is it time the club refreshed the football too?

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