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Paul Dickov
Paul Dickov

I got up on Wednesday morning humming Green Day’s Nice Guys Finish Last.

It gives me absolutely no pleasure whatsoever to say this but as far as I’m concerned the time has now come to change our manager.

I’ve called for patience and given Paul Dickov the benefit of the doubt several times but it’s clear that things just aren’t working out on the pitch.

We haven’t been particularly hard hit by injuries in recent weeks and given the quality of most of the first team we really should have picked up more points but it’s the same weak links time and time again that are costing us.

We have found a level of consistency but when that means consistently losing by two or more goals you have to question the tactics.

It might not be pretty but playing a defensive game and looking to hit opponents on the break with the pace of Tyson and Forrester could go some way to addressing the “goals against” problem.

The last time we made an enforced change of manager was when Sean O’Driscoll was shown the door and I was gutted but it feels very different now.

Back then even after defeats I would walk away from the match having seen something to give grounds for hope or optimism.

At least I was entertained by the style of football.

I now turn up expecting a lacklustre performance leading to a defeat.

It’s got to the stage where I’m betting on the opposition so low is my confidence.

Regardless of league rankings, most of us can accept defeats if they are hard-fought.

The passion that Dickov displayed as a player hasn’t rubbed off onto our team though.

That must be as frustrating for him as it is for the fans but when such a key competitive advantage is lost, it leaves little else in the locker.

Perhaps he’s been too keen to shed his combative image and be a nice guy as a manager.

n What do you think of the situation at Doncaster Rovers? Is it time for a change? Or does Paul Dickov deserve more time?

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