Fans’ Forum: Dickov sacking a sad indictment of modern game - Jay Baker

Paul Dickov
Paul Dickov

Madness. Absolute madness. That’s all I can think of to describe the firing of Paul Dickov after just six games.

It’s barely even autumn, and we’re sacking managers at this point these days, are we?

This is what the modern game has been reduced to.

Let’s forget the Doncaster Rovers long-term plans for sustainability that was the rationale for Paul Dickov’s initial appointment, the youth movement he boosted, the high-level professional contacts he was able to leverage, the scout he appointed, the sports psychologist he brought in, and even the innovative and refreshing approach to keeping clubs updated on players they’d loaned us.

In fact, let’s also forget about his principles and determination to ‘protect the good reputation of Doncaster Rovers’ with the Bury walk-in goal, for which he received a fair play award.

All that aside, the powers that be held a Meet the Owners event just days before they fired him, and essentially defended him against knee-jerk reactions from fans brought up on The Apprentice, Big Brother, X-Factor, and ‘eMpTyV,’ expecting merciless, back-stabbing, quick-fix attempts at problem-solving.

But it’s not even their fault. It’s our fault, collectively – all of us – for allowing football to become reduced to a business where decent human beings are an afterthought, and instant results, short-term profit margins, and angry mobs rule.

So it’s not a mainstream opinion to stop and take a deep breath and ask why we’re now sacking managers before Halloween’s rolled around, never mind Christmas. The only thing about Christmas we care about is those same principles, buying puppies without wondering if we can look after them in the future.

Like every true fan who is ‘Rovers Till I Die,’ I hope things turn around. But I will never expect overnight success, especially if it means becoming Blackpool or Portsmouth.