Fans’ Forum: Dickov’s luck ran out - Mike Follows

Paul Dickov
Paul Dickov

I bought my son a Ker-Plunk set a little while ago.

Of course, I try to let him win which in our house means that he gets to pull the straw that leads to everything falling down.

That straw for Paul Dickov seems to be a very controversial goal at Gillingham on Saturday.

In itself that goal can be chalked up to bad luck. As can the stonewall penalty that Rovers weren’t given. As can numerous other things that simply haven’t gone our way over the last couple of seasons but there comes a point where you have to be good enough to defy the misfortune.

Dickov built a solid line of defence with Stuckmann, Butler, MacKenzie and Taylor-Sinclair all added under his stewardship.

The problems have come in trying to find the right attacking formula with the injuries to Tyson and N’Guessan leaving the side short of pace.

As they come back into the first team picture, it seems a little harsh that Dickov won’t have the chance to utilise them.

All that said, every Rovers supporter would have expected the team to have more points on the board by now.

Attendances are down and despite what anyone says about pricing, atmosphere or entertainment value, the only thing that really blows floating fans through the turnstiles is the breeze of success. They want to see a winning team and particularly at home that hasn’t been the case of late.

I hope Paul Dickov’s career in football isn’t over but given his managerial track record he may have to look elsewhere for employment. I reckon he’d make a great pundit.

As for the next manager of Doncaster Rovers, whoever it is will be expected to hit the ground running.

The board have a difficult job ahead but it’s important that they get the right man for the job and we need to be patient until a permanent appointment is made.